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              2022 Newest Anti Aging Pulse Beauty device

              Four beauty functions:
              1.Lift: Stimulating muscle movement through micro currents, it can eliminate fat and make the skin tight. The skin will be delicate and smooth, with firm and elastic lines on the Long-term use.
              2.Importing: The intercellular space is opened by pulse, so that high neutral molecules can be truly and effectively entered into the dermis.
              3.Anti-aging: It will warming the deep layers of the skin While light therapy and massage treatments to the skin; RF radio frequency will destroy collagen, activates cells and generate more new collagen, and removes fine lines, skin sagging, fascia sagging and skin wrinkle; Reshaping the collagen form under skin, making the skin firmer and more elastic.

              4. Eye Care: Deeply warm the skin to create a more suitable skin care state, enhance the nutrient ingredients absorption of eye
              cream and skin care goods, protect fragile skin around the eyes, reduce dark circles and eye lines, and enhance skin elasticity.

              4 Functions
              Face lifting, Importing,Anti aging,Eye Care
              5 Technologies
              RF(Radio frequency) & EMS & Led Light Therapy & Vibration& EMS Plus
              Patent Number
              ZL 202130507318.X
              ISO13485 and ISO9001
              Charging Time
              2 hours
              OEM ODM Service